2024 Coromandel Vs Mercury Bay

Starting off the day was out Year 5's who also played in Mercury Bay on Saturday, was a super cool game where our they showed they're stuff scoring a bunch of tries, and displaying some good passing amongst the team. Was a fun time for all.

The seinior game took place at the Lyons Den in Mercury Bay, a field well-known to the players of both teams. Coromandel and Mercury Bay have been rivals for years, making this rugby match highly anticipated.

Mercury Bay kicked off the game, and the first five minutes saw some intense back-and-forth action. Coromandel's halfback, Haven McLean, spotted an opening in the Mercury Bay defense and made a break, running the ball just outside their 10-meter line before being tackled. He quickly popped the ball up to Max Wirihana, who offloaded it to Te Kapua McLean. McLean scored the first try on the far right side, putting Coromandel ahead 5-0.

Coromandel kept the pressure on and moved the ball into Mercury Bay territory. After a penalty against Mercury Bay on their 5-meter line, Whakaaria Lawrence picked and drove the ball over the line for another try on the far left side. Jordan Olliff successfully converted, extending the lead to 12-0.

Following a failed offload from Mercury Bay, Coromandel seized the opportunity. A draw pass from Sahn Povey allowed Jordan Olliff to find a gap and gain significant yardage. He passed to Jared Little, who advanced to Mercury Bay’s 10-meter line. A quick pass off the tackle to Haven McLean resulted in a try under the posts, which Olliff easily converted, making it 19-0.

Coromandel capitalized on a failed penalty kick by Mercury Bay, regaining the ball and driving it down the middle. Jordan Olliff scored another try and converted it, bringing the score to 26-0.

Some great passing saw the ball sent wide to the right and then back to the left, with Max Wirihana scoring a try on the far left side. Olliff converted, bringing the halftime score to 33-0.

The second half started with Coromandel kicking off. They regained possession around the Mercury Bay 30-meter line and ran it down the right side. After a series of pop passes, Jordan Olliff scored in the corner, pushing the score to 38-0.

A nice offload from Olliff to Max Wirihana allowed Coromandel to break through Mercury Bay’s defense and reach their 22-meter line. Though tackled, Wirihana offloaded the ball to Te Kapua McLean, who scored another try in the corner. Olliff's conversion made it 45-0.

Coromandel's final try came from a penalty at Mercury Bay’s 10-meter line. A quick tap pass to Haerengarangi Renata saw him muscle his way over the line to score, making it 50-0.

Despite the scoreline, Mercury Bay didn't give up. In the 62nd minute, they broke through Coromandel’s defense to score a try, which they converted, bringing the score to 50-7.

In the final 20 minutes, Mercury Bay played their best rugby of the match. While Coromandel couldn't score during this period, their defense remained strong, leading to a back-and-forth game until the final whistle.

Final Score: Coromandel 50, Mercury Bay 7.

It was a dominant performance by Coromandel, securing a decisive victory in this long-standing rivalry.

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